Design Bonnet Storage – Patent 2012101400.

Design Bonnet Storage is the ultimate solution for a space saving storage product within all Multi Unit Developments or any situation where storage space is at a premium.

The original over car bonnet storage idea was conceived when a leading Developer requested the design and construction of a product that could contribute towards the minimum requirements of storage areas in specific Residential Building Codes for Multi-Unit Developments. In the brief of design consideration had to be given to a storage product manufactured as large as possible but not impacting on take up of floor area and also incorporating strength, security and nominal safety from water or fire damage in its design. The outcome of this request was the original all steel over car bonnet storage design.

Design Bonnet Storage is manufactured in Australia using all Australian materials and labour.

How does it work?

“Design Bonnet Storage” takes up no extra floor area by fitting into any size car space within a building basement, sub-basement or garage without impeding access or egress from the car space. The storage area is accessed from the front of the unit, with or without a vehicle parked under it.

“Design Bonnet Storage™” is a unique storage product, produced, patented and guaranteed in Australia and is amazingly economical without compromising any of its features or design integrity. After extensive research and consideration to all the alternatives “Design Bonnet Storage” is the preferred choice in Multi Unit Developments for all Australasia’s top Architects, Builders, Developers and Corporation Managements.

Optional Bike Rack Combination

Alongside the standard model of “Design Bonnet Storage” is the “Design Bonnet Storage with Bike Rack Combo” – Patent 2012101400. This model has all the features of the standard design but additionally incorporates a lockable bike rack on the front door of the unit. The provision for secure and accessible bicycle storage is also a requirement within Residential Building Codes for Multi-Unit Developments in most states of Australia.

Design Bonnet Storage is a unique storage asset for every situation!